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Our Process

Selling a business can feel daunting. We work with you to make the process as easy as possible regardless of the kind of exit you want to achieve or your constraints. With successful exits of our own, we can help you maximize your exit on your own terms.


We will help gather all essential documents needed for an M&A process. Next we'll review key performance indicators (KPIs) together to identify strengths and weaknesses of the business. Finally, we'll make sure to address any issues so you're ready for market.


We'll help you identify your unique M&A proposition which will help maximize the exit you want. Then we'll craft targeted buyer theses together and use that information to formulate your market approach strategy.


Our team will work to discover strategic and financial buyers, both expected and beyond your industry, through our AI-enhanced platform and specialized methods. This expanded buyer list is crucial to help generate multiple offers and increase your exit.


Our service connects you with the right contacts to effectively pitch your business. Then we assist in creating effective communications to those contacts which helps you attract multiple potential bidders.


We will help engage in negotiations with potential buyers to secure the best possible terms for your exit. Managing deals can be tricky and that's where our team shines. Our expert coaches help you navigate this stage and maximize your business exit.


We'll help finalize the deal with your chosen buyer as well as make sure to complete all necessary paperwork and successfully conclude your exit transaction. We can help you navigate a smooth transition that decreases your risk.

Maximize your exit, your way.

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