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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you charge for ExitHero?

A: We charge an upfront fee and then a success fee on close of transaction.  These charges vary based on the circumstances of your deal.  Contact us for more details.

Q: If I need to soft land due to limited runway, how long will this process take?

A: The timing of a soft landing depends a lot on the specific circumstance (market, what you've built, prospective buyers, etc).  We typically think 120 days from start to close is ideal, but it can move faster.

Q: Are you an investment banker?

A: We are not investment bankers or brokers.  ExitHero is a platform that supercharges your ability to sell your own company by offering a combination of technology tools and expert coaching (both live calls and asynchronous feedback)

Q: What does your technology do?

A: Our technology uses AI to help you generate additional qualified buyer prospects beyond your own network; manages high engagement outreach to those prospects and helps you through a process all the way to LOIs.

Q: Who are your coaches?

A: Our coaches are all founders who have been through multiple founder-led M&A transactions, so they understand first-hand the challenges and are uniquely qualified to support you.

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