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Cracking the 'Top Five'

Every executive has a version of the 'Top Five' priority list that shapes their decisions, focus, and time. 

If your startup doesn't address a 'Top Five' need, you'll struggle to get traction. 

For founders, the mission is clear: determine and align with these 'Top Fives.'

Do your homework. Bring a unique perspective to help tease out what's important. Ask open-ended questions. 

'Top Fives' almost always map back to driving more revenue, increasing efficiency, or reducing risk. 

The magic happens when you then authentically tailor your startup's story to address a 'Top Five' need.

Of course, teams and business units have their own 'Top Fives.' So, in complex enterprise selling, the next level is identifying them and aligning your solution with their objectives. 

Are you struggling to move beyond the perfunctory first meetings? It's time to reflect. 

Are you really addressing a 'Top Five' need?


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