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How you know if a buyer is really interested in your business

Here are the 5 signals I pay attention to:

  1. Motivation and Timeline - Direct questions about why they want your business and when they plan to close the deal can reveal a lot. A serious buyer will be clear and specific about their intentions.

  2. Funding - It's crucial to understand their financial situation. Ask if they have the cash on hand or if they'll need to secure additional financing.

  3. Acquisition Experience - Experience matters. Those who've navigated acquisitions before will talk confidently about their previous deals and their approach.

  4. Post-Acquisition Strategy - Look for buyers with a concrete plan for your business post-purchase. Genuine interest is often backed by a detailed vision that includes your company.

  5. Responsiveness and Urgency - A buyer's communication style can tell you a lot. Are they pushing the process forward efficiently, or do they seem to be dragging their feet?

The jackpot?

👉 A buyer who demonstrates specificity, commitment, and clear motives

Trust your gut here.

Genuine buyers typically come across as eager, decisive, and transparent from the get-go.


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