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Stop Chasing Dead-End Enterprise Deals

Here's a quick way to identify deals that won't convert before you waste time on them.

Imagine this scenario:

1. There's an incumbent solution.

2. It's not causing pain or frustration.

3. No one in the buying group says your value proposition is significantly better.

4. There is no sense of urgency.

5. The business owner who chose the incumbent remains in the same role.

6. Your attempts to engage other senior executives are stymied.

7. The account just completed a "significant upgrade." 

8. A "multi-generational roadmap" is in place.

9. The incumbent's contract has two years left on it.

10. The cost of switching vendors is high.

Each of these facts alone is not a reliable signal that your deal won't close.

For example, a lack of urgency can be attributed to other factors, like other pressing priorities or the rhythms of the enterprise.

However, if you tally them all up, the math is undeniable.

Save yourself the headache of chasing a deal that won't close.

Recognize the signs early and focus your energy on buyers who will convert.


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