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Most B2B pitches start the same, tired way: the "Company Overview" slide.

Instead of: "Our customers are X, Y, Z."

Try this: "We spoke to three of your customers, and here's what they said." 

Instead of: "We launched in 2018."

Try this: "Here's how your industry looks in 2028."

Instead of: "We are differentiated by A, B, C."

Try this: "We've studied your three competitors and see these opportunities."

Instead of: "We have 55 employees."

Try this: "We talked to 5 of your team members, and this is what we learned."

Instead of: "We are headquartered in Cincinnati."

Try this: "Your location is strategic for markets 1, 2, 3."

Sure, this approach takes much more work. That is why few founders do it.

Yet, those that do stand out and close.


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