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Your silent late-stage prospects should be your loudest wake-up calls.

40-60% of the time, the deal killer is customer indecision.*

What signals are you getting that a prospect is committed to act?

Anyone in enterprise sales or BD has experienced this pain:

You "win!" You successfully navigated the sales labyrinth. 

There's positive early momentum. Draft contracts are shared. 

Then, the waiting begins…

…and continues.

Interactions with the prospect become increasingly superficial.

Months go by.

You start feeling the deal slipping away.

You offer to jump on a plane to meet the Executive Sponsor in person.

Meanwhile, your Board keeps pressuring you.

Eventually, you relent and slash the deal's probability of closing.

Finally, you drop it out of the funnel altogether—deep sigh.

Later, you conduct a post-mortem with the prospect. You assume they  chose a different partner or solution, right?

Only to learn they didn't do anything at all!

This happens surprisingly often – 40-60% of the time.

Sometimes, all that hard work and relationship-building pays off months (or years) later when the opportunity comes back around. Sadly, often it doesn't.

How have you uncovered a prospect's true intent to move forward?


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