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Sell your business on your terms

Generate a comprehensive list of qualified prospective buyers, create powerful outreach messaging and simplify the process of getting to close. 


We'll help you get multiple offers and maximize your exit.







We help founders run their own M&A process

Small acquisitions are hard.

Investment banking and advisory options are limited and expensive.


Deal structures are often overly complex.


Legal expenses can devour a significant portion of the deal value.

And yes, it's an emotional rollercoaster.

A founder’s hardest and loneliest experience is often selling their business.


We are here to change that.

We provide founders with the tools and support needed to efficiently manage their own M&A process. With us, you’re not alone on this journey.

How we help


Identify a strong list of strategic buyers

Our platform surfaces prospects that you wouldn't have imagined (both within and outside of your market landscape) using a combination of AI and experts.


Generate multiple offers

ExitHero identifies the right people to contact, helps you create messaging & materials for optimal engagement and helps bring multiple bidders to the table.


Support you with expert coaching

The ExitHero platform is complemented by expert coaching so you have the insight and support you need to navigate the process and maximize your exit.

What our clients say


"Alex was a key player in the acquisition of Pillow by Expedia.  He was one of my core partners helping with the negotiation, diligence and internal team management during the deal.  His experience with the diligence and legal issues were a huge help to me as Founder and he also helped us reduce our escrow hold back by $2M." 

Sean Conway, CEO & Founder Pillow

Maximize your exit, your way.

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